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£10 off any follow-up treatment


Initial Consultation £50 (90mins)
Repeat Consultations £40 (60mins)

Do you want to know more about the current state of your health? Do you want to know the real cause of any illness, problem or imbalance? This is a targeted consultation to find out exactly what you need to do to retain or regain your health. In Western medicine, your GP advises the best type of treatment (if any) for you. In complementary medicine, I aim to do the same. I take a complete detailed case history and use Iridology combined with Nutriton to determine the unique patterns and other external factors that have affected or are affecting your health. This will allow us to find the type, order and course of treatments that are right for you at this time, thus preventing you wasting much more time, effort and money on treatments that you don’t need.

In this consultation, I can guide you through the four main types of Nutritional Detoxification:

1. Fasting – a period of total food abstinence to deeply heal the body

2. Juicing – Specific amounts and types of juice to cleanse the blood and tissues

3. Smoothies – Nutrient dense smoothies to nourish the entire body

4. Clean Diet – Simple foods to begin the detoxification process

I also use Colonics, Massage, Exercise, Meditation and Breathing Techniques where appropriate to help you invoke your body’s own powerful internal healing energies.