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Iridology currently £40


£50 (75mins)

Iridology is the science of Iris Diagnosis – the Iris being the coloured part of your eye. The various patterns and markings you can see in them are as unique as your fingerprints. These are actual bundles of nerve fibres – the only place they are visible on the outside of the body.

All of these nerve fibres (both motor and sensory) converge in the eye. They record the various connections of your nervous system throughout your body. Depending on the strength of these connections, we can determine your own inherited (potential) strengths and weaknesses and the effects of your current and previous lifestyle on your nervous system (which is then transmitted to the body).

We take a picture of each eye and enlarge them on a computer to give you a unique insight into your own unique health characteristics.

There’s plenty of time for questions and an e-mail facility for aftercare and support.

Get a fascinating insight into the workings of your own body – where the weaknesses are – where problems might occur – what simple steps are needed to avoid them – what your strengths are and what you can get away with !

Life is for living, not constantly worrying about health or being tired all the time. Often, one solution does not work for everybody so find out what your own body really needs.


  • Identify health markers specific to you
  • Learn more about your own unique constitution
  • Support the body to repair and heal faster