NATUROPATHIC NUTRITION            £35   (60mins)

I aim to help you discover exactly what and when you should eat and which type of foods provide you with maximum health.

I’ll answer all your nutritional questions and explain all the lies and half-truths that are creating such current dietary confusion.

We'll cover Weight Gain/Loss, Intolerances, Raw Foods, Fasting, Juicing, Blending, Detoxifying, Supplements and Wild Foods.

We’ll also make it practical for you so that you can still enjoy life - after all, health shouldn’t be a difficult chore !

Food has a major long-term impact on your health - make it a positive one and tackle :

  Overeating                Food Addictions
  Comfort Eating          Food Intolerances
  Sugar Cravings          Digestive Complaints
  Hypoglycaemia          Skin Complaints
  Weight Gain              Lethargy

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