MASSAGE               £30     (45mins)

Touch is the original form of Healing and a good massage carries on that tradition today by working on both the physical and mental levels. I offer a choice of relaxing, deep tissue and remedial massages, depending on your requirements on the day while always aiming for the complete and permanent removal of all your muscular tensions/imbalances and advising the reasons for their existence in the first place.

Lying on your stomach and without having to move, we'll work on your Legs, Hips, Lower/Mid/Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders to leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm. (You can choose exactly which areas we focus on to suit your particular needs).

Pamper yourself as a luxury, to unwind or to fix a recent or long-standing problem and you’ll soon discover the amazingly far reaching benefits of this simple yet effective therapy.

Can help to resolve the following conditions :

  Stress                Aches and pains
  Anxiety              Injuries
  Tension              Exhaustion

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