MASSAGE                                  Initial Appointment                £35     (60mins)

                                                  Subsequent Appointments     £30     (45mins)

Touch is the original form of Healing and a good massage carries on that tradition today by working on both the physical and mental levels. The aim of this therapy should always be total relaxation and the complete and permanent removal of all muscular tensions.

Lying on your stomach and without having to move, we'll gently work on your Legs, Back, Neck, Shoulders and Feet to leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm. (If you wish, you can choose exactly which areas we work on to suit your particular needs that day).

Pamper yourself as a luxury and you’ll soon discover the amazingly far reaching benefits of this simple yet effective therapy.

Can help to resolve the following conditions :

  Stress                Aches and pains
  Anxiety              That 'run down' feeling
  Tension              Exhaustion

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