HEALTH CONSULTATION          £50    (90mins)

This is a full health investigation and analysis to help you understand your own health, yourself and what you need to do (or not do!) to get and stay healthy. It allows us to personalise your Health Advice.

Firstly, we'll measure the Vital Health Markers - Weight, Blood Pressure and Bodyfat%.
Then, we'll do an indepth case history and lifestyle assessment to determine which things are affecting your health.
Finally, we'll use the unique patterns in your eyes (Iridology - see below) to provide a fascinating insight into you own health.

[Iridology is the science of Iris Diagnosis - all the nerve fibres in your body converge in the eye. This allows us to determine your inherited strengths and weaknesses and the effects of your current and previous lifestyle.]

I aim:

  to get you healthy faster
  to keep you healthy longer

by helping you to better understand your own health.

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