COLONICS                              Initial Appointment                 £50     (75mins)

                                               Subsequent Appointments      £40     (60mins)

A gentle cleansing and toning of the Colon - usually the most toxic part of the body - to improve your elimination and thus your overall health. A poorly performing colon will continually re-absorb harmful toxins, which together with the resultant bacterial imbalance, may be the cause of many ailments. It's also beneficial for many digestive problems, weight loss and general detoxification. All in all, a great MOT for your digestive system! I am fully qualified and registered with our main professional body - The Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) as well as the NHS approved Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Please Note : As it is very busy, there is a small waiting time for appointments and payment is required in advance by bank transfer for all new colonic bookings.

Some Common Questions Answered

Do You Offer Discounts ?
Yes I do sometimes offer discounts to try to keep Colonics affordable and as my clinic is my home, I don’t have any extra overheads like rent and staff costs. Please note - I am happy to give discounts to people on low incomes, students, other therapists, NHS workers and repeat or multiple bookings. Please contact me for further details.

Any special preparation required ?
For maximum benefit, come hungry (not bloated or full), increase your liquid intake (water, soups, vegetable juices etc) and if possible avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, fruit, cheese, bread and junk foods whilst eating slowly, lightly and simply for a few days beforehand. This is not essential but it does make the treatment work better.

What Happens ?
Purified warm water gently flushes out the colon.

Does it Hurt ?
No. It’s surprisingly gentle and you can control the amount of water we put into the colon.

Does it do any good ?
Yes - because of the food we eat and the lifestyles we lead, we don’t eliminate properly and so we are continually poisoning ourselves from within. I think we’re all vaguely aware of this - that’s why colonics continues to be popular.

Can it do any harm ?
No. Physically the instrument doesn’t go in far and the pressure of the water is very low.

Doesn’t it wash out good bacteria ?
I don't think so but they would repopulate within 48hrs anyway. I actually believe we wash out many more harmful bacteria, so you will finish with a better bacterial balance than before. Bacterial imbalance is a common, unrecognised and, in my opinion, very significant health problem for many people.

But I’m Nervous !
That’s understandable. I’ve successfully treated over 12,000 people in the last 14 years. Call me for a free no-obligation chat if you want.

But You’re a Man !
Think of me as a trained Health Therapist - I’m simply interested in making you healthier. I only do it because it works. There are also discounts available if you want to bring a friend along for a treatment.

How long does it last ?
Depends on the colon. Appointment times are 75-90mins long of which the actual treatment time is usually 30-45mins.

How many do I need ?
Again depends on the colon, but initially about 3 treatments are usually necessary (remember - toxicity has built up over a lifetime!) and then once or twice a year as part of a ‘cleanse’. It is certainly worth emptying your colon completely at least once in your lifetime!

What about afterwards ?
You just sit on the loo for a minute then you’ll be fine to carry on as normal. Drinking more water afterwards is useful.

Any contra-indications ?
Yes - it is not recommended during pregnancy or for people with severe haemorrhoids, fissures/fistulas, diverticulitis, severe renal diseases or cardiac insufficiency.

Anything else ?
Feel free to call me with absolutely no obligation if you want to know more before deciding if it’s what you need because if you can just overcome all that unnecessary fear, anxiety, embarrassment and taboo about dealing with the colon, then you can improve your health dramatically quickly. Colonics is a great way to kick start a health regime or a weight loss program and we will also, of course, discuss all the many diet and lifestyle factors that affect your health.

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